MSM-powerment Project

Welcome to the MSM-powerment Project

The objective of the MSM is to help guys meet other guys, to build a strong community of young gay/bisexual/MSM men, to protect protect and support each other, and, most importantly, to have fun! The project is inclusive of all gay/bisexual men or MSM from between the ages of 18 and 36.

Monthly Meetings

The MSM-powerment Project meets monthly for themed group meetings focusing on sex, sexual health, homophobia, sexuality and relationships, and how we can get what we want and help each other through these challenging times.

Safer Sex

The Project also helps educate MSM in having fun, hot, safer sex, to think more creatively about sex and give participants specific ideas on low risk sexual activities they can do. This includes teaching participants how to use condoms correctly, and to experiment with different condoms and lubes to find what works best for them.

Encouraging Friends

The Project helps participants see the importance of talking with their friends about safer sex, and teaches effective ways to talk about safer sex. Participants will have the opportunity to practice talking with friends about safer sex, including negotiating safer sex with partners.

Get Involved

Attendees are encouraged to participate in the Project in a variety of ways.

Have Fun

Every meeting includes open time to socialize, make friendships, and become further involved.